ICAS - Inkwell

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Anyone else get this one? Thoughts?
I have to say reading the forums most people got cookridge and it seems a breeze compared to this one!



  • welshwizard
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    Whilst Inkwell may be a bigger, more complex case study, I think you'll find that the actual report will be easier as you have more information and more areas to comment on. You could even focus on one specific function (e.g. sales ledger, cash control) which is harder to do with Cookrdige as there is less detail.

    Remember, if you were writing this in the workplace, you would be sifting through far more information than this and you would have to find things for yourself - in the case study, it's all there for you - what could be better?

    Good luck.
  • BeccaLouJ9
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    I have Inkwell Ltd. Nearly done I think! :)

    B x
  • Chelle
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    I had Inkwell and all I can really advise is read, read and read again as there is so much information in there that can be used :001_smile:
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