L2&3 revision for first Accounts Assistant role

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I'll be starting my my first job in accountancy soon as an Accounts Assistant for a local firm. Has anyone got any advice on certain areas I could do with refreshing ready for my first week?

I'm currently studying Level 4 and I have a few hazy patches from Level 2 & 3 due to studying them around a year ago. I'm worried I'll have forgotten some of the basics!

Some requirements I've picked up so far is VAT returns, reconciling bank accounts/sales ledgers, SAGE, and making adjustments(?).

Any help at all is appreciated, even if it's an obvious area.


  • SashaDella
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    First of all.. Congratulations!!!

    I think if you just read through some of your old books, it should all come flooding back to you :) Accruals is a good thing to know a lot about, can't really think of much else.

    Good Luck, let me know how your first day goes!
  • wbauk2002
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    Well done, how did you find the role? I'm struggling to find one at the mo
  • katsutlieff
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    Well done Makkusu.

    I start my first proper role in two weeks. I am revising accruals and prepayments and as the FD still runs a manual cashbook my debits and credits :001_smile:
  • baileyqueens
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    Depending if your job involves doing final accounts, looking at ETB, Income statements & statement of financial position may help.
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