External Auditing Exam Tuesday 3/7/12 - Any Advice would be appreciated :-)

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Quite a few comments about this being a hard one.

Is the difficulty level similar to sample ones on AAT page. I'm using the BPP books, I hope they cover enough.

Any advice on approach would be appreciated.


  • Whirlwind
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    I also used BPP for this unit (self-study), sat the paper in March and passed, but not before I had had a good moan on the forum about some of the tasks. For example, one of the written tasks was about a 'disaster recovery plan' - I had no idea what this was but waffled my way to an 'exceeded'!!

    I'm never completely happy with any exam (have passed 10 so far) but with this was had to fight the despair ... yet I passed!! I am sooooo hoping the same is true of FNPF which I sat yesterday, but thats abit of wishful thinking.

    I do love the forum but at times its stressful reading everyone else experiences as it encourages self-doubt. I just really struggled with the studying of this subject as found it extremely dry ... and I work in a practice, have said that to our Auditors (and about them - tongue in cheek but sooo true).

    Just really apply yourself to the subject, try not to panic and the usual ... read the question carefully!!

    All the very best and let us know how you got on.
  • Sailorgirl
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    I was probably one of those saying it was hard. It is hard, because it is so dry and there is lots to learn.
    The exam is pretty much like the mock exams in BPP. I crammed for this one in two weeks, which probably did a lot towards my feelings about it.
    My advice would be to just keep reminding yourself of who you are for the purpose of the exam. Come in at that angle every time. Think how people might find loopholes in an accounting system and then use it to their benefit, fraudulently.
    I haven't got my feedback yet, so I don't know where I may have gone wrong, but I did pass. I always use almost all of the allocated time, and it was no different in this exam.
    Good luck
  • jules72
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    Thanks Whirlwind and sailorgirl for advice. I was fine with FNST & FNPF, but this feel out of my depth, will plod on and try my best.
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