That's me done!

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Good evening all!

Just a note to say - That's me done! I've logged in this evening to see those beautiful letters after my name!

It's not always easy and sometimes I now think I put more pressure on myself than needed - been told to say that bit!

For all you still slogging away - keep at it it's worth the feeling at the end!

The advice and help on here was really helpful!
Thank you to all that supplied it!

Tracey Pearson MAAT


  • MWAUGH1983MWAUGH1983 Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 420
    It must be a great feeling!

    Have you got any ideas of what to do next? Would you think of acca or cima?

    How did you find level 4? I past ethics today and have the ITX resit on july 30th after failing it on wednesday.

  • AuntieTAuntieT Feels At Home Registered Posts: 96
    Not sure yet!

    I feel I'm more of a "this is what you can do" rather than "this is what you've done" so possibly more CIMA.

    Not sure - planning on taking at least this weekend off not to decide!

    Good luck!
  • aaron0121aaron0121 Trusted Regular BirminghamRegistered Posts: 422
    Congratulations Tracey you must be over the moon!!!!

    All the best for your future :001_smile:

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    Level 3 - 2011
    Level 4 - 2013


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  • AuntieTAuntieT Feels At Home Registered Posts: 96
    Yep - Hic
  • Jo ClarkJo Clark Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 2,526
    AuntieT wrote: »
    Yep - Hic

    ~ An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest ~
    Benjamin Franklin
  • ChelleChelle Well-Known Registered Posts: 163
    Congratulations :001_smile:
  • jules72jules72 New Member Registered Posts: 13
    Congratulations Tracey, celebrate BIG TIME :001_smile:

    My last exam this Tuesday and looking forward to life after college...... sweet
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