Mentor Needed - Please Help

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Good morning all,

I have recently started working for myself offering bookkeeping and accounting services to local businesswithin the area I live (Radstock/Bath area). I am a registered MIP and I'm doing this along side my full time job. I believe this is the right decision for me so I can further my knowledge but also work towards becoming fully self employed in the long run.

I have quite a bit of experience and knowledge in bookkeeping and accounting but need to gain experience in taxation side is there anybody on here who would like to act as a Mentor for me and give me support if required?


  • T.C.
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    You have a whole host of mentors on this forum - we have a vast variety of knowledge and there is always a "clever person" to help out. Welcome to the forum!
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    Hi, as TC has said, there's a whole bunch of folks on here who take time out to answer questions, and occasionally pose some themselves, so you'll find a loads of support purely on the forums themselves. A benefit is that you will also receive various opinions on things, and be able to see things from a perspective you may not have considered before.

    Having said that, I started my MiP practice without a mentor and coming from industry, and it seemed like hurdles every step of the way, so appreciate that sometimes having one can make things less intimidating in areas you are less sure of. Because of my situation, I do try and mentor a few on here, I'm sure I can fit another one in if you want to PM me. Good luck with it!
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    Many thanks for this Ademoore,

    When they rang me they advised that because I had no work experience in taxation I would need a mentor to check my work and sign it off to enable me to offer taxation as a service. I just need somebody to check my calculations so I don't get in trouble with MIP. Unfortunately I am also in full time employment so can not do part time or any other work to gain the experience. This is only until I have experience in this area, even though I have passed the exams
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