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Im part way through level 3, im thinking of doing AP1 and AP2 and then doing Financial statements from level four (as ive heard FNST follows on from ap1 and ap2, and then do costs and revenues and do budgeting and financial performance after that, as i have heard they follow.

Can anyone advise me on this? does anyone think its a good idea?


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    I think it depends on your circumstances as to which route you take, if you are employed or not and what you want to achieve. This is my opinion; I would take AP1 and AP2 then C&R to get level three in the bag and then straight on with FNPF and Budgeting or the other way around and then take FNST before or after your optional modules and then the ICAS project. I did C&R to finish level 3 then FNPF, Budgeting, Business Tax, Personal Tax, FNST and now I am half way through my ICAS project ( I am studying level 4 independently with Osborne Books and the AAT website).

    Anyway, good luck work hard and remember this is only my opinion and may not be right for you.
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    I am working in a practice and was assisting with P&L, BS, Consolidated Statements, so my employer wanted me to complete API, APII then FNST. I enjoyed what I was learning so decided to self-study the rest of the units for each level. My last level 3 was CRS then onto EXA level4 which I thought would a straight forward (boring)!! Since EXA was not really a numbers unit I didnt find it distracted from what I had learnt. Then did BGT, then SPSW as fitted into my schedule.

    So I completed units in abit of a random fashion but it has worked for me!!
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    Whirlwind how did you find it going from AP2 to fnst?
    In hindsight if you had choice would have done it in that order or not.?
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    It was quite a leap but I didn't know any better. I only found this forum once I was self-studying level 4, which was long after FNST, so I had no preconceived ideas!! I'm very pleased that I was enrolled with online classroom for this unit. This gave me an awareness of how to work through and absorb a subject - 20yrs since last lot of exams!!

    I was a manual and SAGE bookkeeper for a company that liquidated when their accountant offered me a job. He knew what I was capable of but threw me in the deep end with financial statements for groups. Needless to say it was cheaper for him to send me on a course than babysit me!! It was great to learn things that you can immediately put into practice, so I think the application of the subject was what made it not seem sobad!!

    I was actually only planning to do those first three units, but really enjoyed what I was learning so I'm still here with PTX, BTX and ICAS to go (waiting on results for FNPF)!! I used tolook over the contents of the books for the unit just so I could get a feel for the subject.

    All the best with your choice!!
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