Clearance and requesting handover info

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I'm currently writing to a firm for clearance and to ask for handover info.

The client is a VAT and PAYE registered sole trader.

I am planning on requesting the following:

1. Clearance

2. Copies of the last 2 tax returns + detailed comps

3. Last Accounts + TB + any balance sheet schedules

4. Tax districts + UTRs for self-assessment and paye

5. Last p35

6. Copies of last p60s

7. Current coding notices for tax year

8. Monthly/weekly payroll summaries for previous tax year

9. Payroll summaries for current tax year

10. P11Ds, dispensations, PSAs, etc

11. VAT returns and workings for previous 12 months

12. VAT, PAYE and Self-assessment IDs and passwords

13. Unresolved HMRC correspondence

14. Any other useful info.

Is there anything else you would request?


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    reader MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 1,037
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    I would also add to that, "any reasons they know, why you should not act for the client" - maybe they are a poor payer, they are not very forthcoming with their information!
    I alwasy ask this of a previous accountant for clients and once was told "you're welcome to them".
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