OCR - For converting hard copy bank statements into excel?

Just wondering if anyone has had any experience/success with converting hard copy statements into excel (via a middle piece of software, maybe pdf/image reader).

There are things about and I have read that it is possible?

It could save alot of time for alot of people :)



  • jamesm96
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    Yeah it's do-able with decent OCR software. We have a nifty Kodak document scanner and the OCR that came with it is decent. But, for analysing columnar info like a bank statement, you'd have a hell of a job formatting it.

    Can't you just download a CSV from the online banking?
  • Domball
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    I have done this a number of times on varying lengths and types of bank statements. Having used 3 or 4 different programs I found it is generally the case that you get what you pay for with them. I didn't have much luck with cheaper ones like the one adobe has built into the acrobat reader.

    The most effective one I found for converting to excel was the Cogniview software, specifically I use this version (http://www.cogniview.com/store/pdf2xl-enterprise-purchase). Whilst it is by no means perfect solution, as it largely depends on the quality of the scanned document I have been able to convert 80+ statements in under an hour.

    Usually you have to do some deleting and editing of statement lines once its converted to excel but it can be done quickly enough if you are using sort functions and balance checks.

    If the bank statement has been ticked or marked next to the amounts you will have all sorts of trouble and is not worth the hassle trying to convert it.

    As you have said it is certainly possible and has offered considerable time savings in most circumstances I have tried it, but I haven't managed to find one that converts to excel without requiring some user corrections.

  • JodieR
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    I looked into this about a year ago as I had a massive report (not a bank statement, but similar looking from what I remember) that I wanted in excel. I downloaded trials of numerous software packages claiming they could help and asked serveral people who I expected to be able to help and nothing really worked - I ended up entering all manually.
    I'm not saying that it doesn't exist, but there's def no easy solution!
  • IndusAcc
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    Hi Everyone,

    Smartrex (OCR) is a bank reconciliation and analysis software. It reads bank statements and extracts information and convert bank statements to excel making it an effective bank statement reader software.


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    I came across this software which is real value for money. It is the cheapest I found in the market which convert bank statements to excel. They do not charge per page. In just £50 per month you can convert unlimited bank statements(PDF/TIFF/JPG) to excel. i.e 1000 or 10000 pages of statements. They do not have restrict you. Simply amazing and there is no hidden cost.


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  • Doug7
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    ocrex is very good I,ve used for 12 mths have not tried cogniview mentioned above
  • Doug7
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    Ocrex is pay as you go it works very well and has an iris or vt+ mapping option
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