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I have a pretty rough history when it comes down to Accounting. But anyways, I passed AAT Technician NVQ level 4 a while ago, I passed it in 2007. I've hadn't really had any work experience since 2010 and I was laid off from my work couple of weeks ago. Now that, I have at least over 1 year od experience, I am applying for MAAT status and I am looking forward to also applying for MIP for self employment. I have some questions regarding this and I'd appreciate if people took the time and answered some of these.

1. Presently, I have just finished and have submitted for my MAAT status. After I get my MAAT status, how do I process to apply for a MIP license?

2. If I get my MAAT status, will there be a increase of chance of me getting better jobs in the industry?

3. Now that I have paid £170 for the MAAT status, will I also have to pay more for the MIP license?

4. To the people who are experienced with being a MIP, is it worth being one? Is it really worth it and is it better than being employed by a company? Also, how much do MIPs get paid at minimum?



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    bump, this is pretty urgent.
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