Child minder food costs

Paul C
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Hi all,

Can anyone suggest a quick and HMRC friendly way of claiming children food costs for a Childminder who has not kept any food receipts all year....?

Is it ok to work out a crude amount, eg £2 per day per child?

Thoughts appreciated.


  • Gem7321
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    I would work on that basis with the agreement of the client and advise them that in the case of an inspection the figure must be justified.
  • T.C.
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    Can they not justify by how much they are paying now? In case of an enquiry it should then be the same as the current year - ish.
  • Dean
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    Food and drink

    Reasonable estimates for the costs of food and drink provided for the children being cared for are acceptable and receipts will not be required.


  • uknitty
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    My little girl has breakfast, lunch, high tea, and 2 X snacks in nursery every day. If a child is having 5 meals a day then I would suggest that the cost per child could be higher than £2.

    My organisation does the bookkeeping for a playgroup - the kids here only have a snack (fruit/drink) and we cost that at £1.10 a head.
  • Paul C
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    Thanks all - much appreciated. You're stars (I mean that).

    I am going to recommend that shes takes the reasonable estimate approach this year. £4 per day per child if breakfast , lunch and tea. And then suggest that she does a sample 2 two weeks on current food bills to look at the cost and use that moving forward.
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