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Marky Astra
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Hi All,

Been a while since ive posted on here. Must say the forum is looking quite flashy i like it :001_smile:

I was wondering if anyone has got a basic checklist or guidlines (only basic) of what to do when first setting up.

For example:

1. Register as an agent with HMRC
2. Set up client so you can act for them
3. Get some professional indemnity insurance
4. General office admin of setting up (correct stationery etc)

Above list is probably way off in order so thats why im struggling.

I do have some further questions which im not too sure on so all the help would be very much appreciated:

1. If already employed but thinking of starting a new company would i have to register self employed and employed? and does this have a name?

2. Would i have to tell my employer that i am chaning to part self employment or will this just be affected in a tax code change?

All replies would be greatly appreciated :001_smile:

P.s Im not sure if its been mentioned already but what are peoples general thoughts on the online accounting packages? such as Xero / Freeagent / Clearbooks / Kashflows etc


  • T.C.
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    Register as a member in practice with AAT and get licensed to practice.
    You would need to register as self-employed with HMRC.
    Your employment status need not change, but it may be in your contract to let them know about any other employments/self-employments, so I would advise that you check.
    Accounts packages depends on what type of work you will be doing and for whom.
    Hope that is all of some help.
  • Marky Astra
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    Hi T.C, thank you for your response.

    With the first point, do you need to register as a member if the work you were doing was just for soletraders/partnerships and you had 5+ years experience in a practice?

  • Newbie
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    dont forget you also need to register with the data protection agency
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