Starting level 4 without finishing level 3

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Not as bad as the title may say. I mistakingly left spreadsheets until my last exam (mainly due to having to fork out £250 for the course) the course is the last week of July and I will probably have to wait a few weeks for the result. The question is can I start level 4 in the meantime and (if ready) book an exam without knowing whether I have passed level 3? Also there is 7 months left on my student membership, do I have to pay again to start studying on level 4 (probably a daft question)




  • NicF
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    Richard I believe there is no reason why you cannot start level 4 while waiting for your result on level 3. And no you do not need to pay your membership fees again just because you have started level 4. Your fees are paid yearly regardless of how quickly, or slowly, you get through the qualificaiton.

  • dark_knight
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    Brilliant, thanks Nicola
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