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IFRS For Dummies by Steve Collings

Steve CollingsSteve Collings Experienced MentorRegistered Posts: 997
Hi Guys

Hope all's well.

It is unfortunate that I have to post messages like this on the various forums, but sometimes I deem it necessary.

There is a website called rapidlibrary.com that is advertising my IFRS For Dummies book as a free download. I wanted to bring to your attention NOT to click on this because it contains a whole host of viruses, so if you do see my book advertised for free, please don't click on it. It will cause no end of harm to your computer.

Unfortunately the world we live in does generate these unscrupulous individuals, so I thought it best to post a thread on here as I know some people have been caught out (and foolishly blamed me).

Best wishes


  • MWAUGH1983MWAUGH1983 Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 420
    Cheers for the heads up steve; these parasites are a disease and regretfully they associate themselves with the decent amongst us!
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