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I have my cash management exam this week and so worried about the time the mocks are taking me 2 and a half hrs and the exams only 2hrs :(, trying to remember gilts and treasury bills are also getting to me


  • Jo Clark
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    Have you tried the greenlight tests for cash management?

    I know this is easier said than done but try not to panic, remember the pass mark is 70% but aim for 100%!

    What is it that you are trying to remember about Gilts and Treasury Bills?

    Lots of people here to help you.

    What day is your exam?

    Good luck if I don't get a chance to post back to you again.

    JC :o
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    I sat mine Friday and passed sure you will do the same. First of all simpler said than done calm down. It took me most of the exam to finish it to I had about 30mins to back check. Lay out your lagged payments and recipts in a table format that really helped me complete on time because if you have to back check it is all there laid out properly. A large section of the exam was based around theses. Also perhaps get a paper based exam paper and time yourself on them first, I found I was quicker on theses, then I was able to do the online paper quicker.

    As always it is practice, practice, and more practice that is the biggest key to passing Good Luck!!

  • MWAUGH1983
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    This exam isnt bad and I did very little in passing; went over the study material and did the questions in the osborne worksbook and that was it - try not to panic!

    Have to say that cash mgt took me the longest as of the 2 hrs when I submitted the test it was around 10 mins left where the others took me around an hour.

    What books are you using? Who do you study with?

    Hope all goes well!

  • vivfry84
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    Thanks for the advise

    I dont know where to find the green light tests are they the ones on this site? I'm studing with Premier training homelearning and using the Osborne Books.

    Lagging is when you receive and pay cash/on credit at different times correct? I find thats what takes the longest. Im just so worried I wont have enough time I only have wednesday and thursday night to study as Im working splits the days before and having an exam on Friday the 13th never is a good sign :(

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