Need New Job Help!

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Hello everyone,

I became MAAT in 2010 and also ICB in 2011.

I have not had a lot of luck on the job front in the last few years. My last job which was as an Accounts Assistant I was practically forced out of due to the bullying of my boss.

I now work at a book keepers self-employed since march 2012. I started on minimum wage and this was shortly increased to £7.00 per hour. I mainly took the role in order to gain sage experience which i was lacking and seemed to be an disadvantage in interviews. When I took the role, I was recommended by a friend who has very sadly passed on, I was under the impression i would under the impression that i would be doing some basic sage entry and maybe some bank recon. however, (and I have also sent this happen to a colleage since she started) my responsiblies have increased massively in the last 4 months to bank recons, payments, wage runs, vat returns just to name a few. towards the end of the last 'heavy' month i got very stressed as the owner was out with clients and the other staff are much less experience then me and everything was left of my shoulders.

I know I should probably speak to my boss but I cant help but think about my friend saying that the boss always likes to pay as little as she can before she died. Also I am not the best at singing my praises and the boss keep saying that the workforce are not working quickly enough yet. Bear in mind that all the workforce have been there 10 months or less.

I cant help but think the only solution is to look for another job as i always thought this would only be a 'stop gap'. my last job i was on £9.00 per hour and I am finding it hard to make ends meet. I am starting to think I have made a terrible mistake and I only want the payback for my MAAT status.

I would like any advice people could give me as the situation is really getting me down.


  • T.C.
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    Have you thought about self-employment as a Member in Practice, even if this is only on a part-time basis? Have you thought about teaching AAT?
  • Turrican
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    Try and pick up some contractor work on the side. Meanwhile keep your full-time job as a steady source of income until you're ready to jump ship and swim on your own.
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