How long to keep accounts records..

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I know we have to keep records officially for 6 years.....

How long do you keep yours? Longer?

So if we stick to the 6 year rule.... if the year end is March then shredding would be for anything before 31/03/06.


  • jewels.p
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    We used to burn all our old Records but are not allowed to do that anymore so we had records going back to the late 90's stored. Having now run out of room I had to get the local Council to come and dispose of them for us. They charged me £55.08 to remove 40-50 boxes. Grudged it but it was still cheaper than getting those specialised shredding companies in to do it! Will be sticking to the exact required years from now on and my Shredder will cope with shredding one year at a time.
  • SamiH
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    I archive all our documents for 7 years ending December, so anything I archive now can be destroyed in December 2019
  • janwal
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    At work we stick by the 6yr rule so we can shred upto end June 2006 now
  • Turrican
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    6 years is the legal requirement. Anything 'out of the ordinary' before that you may be glad to be able to burn/shred. So it's always bearing that in mind too.
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