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Time for a business bank account! (I have been using a separate account though!). I was going to go for Santander's free offering but it seems they no longer do it.

What I am looking for is just a no frills basic service. I want it to be free and I don't mind getting what I pay for!!

Does anyone have experience of the RBS free offering or know of any others?




  • T.C.
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    Most seem to be removing free banking, but do try HSBC because they were offering free banking if all transactions are internet based.
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    Thanks for that TC.

    The HSBC offering looks similar to the RBS except that HSBC limit you to 5 free cheques per month for paying-in and a further 5 you can write. But most payments are done electronically these days. The HSBC one seems to have better security with a fob.
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    Is there any such thing as free banking...

    We had "free banking", but we paid for BACS payments and the interest was rubbish. Now with Natwest with a paid account, but it works much better for us getting interest with the deposits we have.
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    I guess it will also depend on whether you intend to have money in the account, ie whether you want interest on savings. I tend to only use mine for business transactions and move any surplus to my private account.
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    I recently opened a business bank a/c with HSBC - free banking for 18mths, then it switches to the rate that you mentioned '5 free cheques per month etc.', which I think I should be able to keep too, as you stated, everything is done electronically now.

    I also got a commercial card which is free for the first year and I have the security fob, which is easy to use and smaller the crappy calculator sized thing that Barclays gave me.
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    I went for the HSBC offering. Applied online and got approved in principle, went in to see them yesterday and was up and running by lunchtime yesterday.

    I know there is no such thing as a free lunch but this seems pretty close to it :)
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