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Can someone help me here?

My better half has asked me to figure out if she is entitled to claim back for the cost of cleaning her work uniform? She is not directly employed in a hospital but as a technician for Boots and all pharmacies are technically NHS pharmacies as they need a license that the NHS grants.

My questions are

1) Does this seem as simple a case as writing to the jolly old representative of King John and asking for it back or

2) Would this be something that she does as a claim for expenses directly from her employer and they claim it back?

All comments will be helpful as this is a bit of a grey area for me :blushing:


  • peaman
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    Use form P87 to claim for work related expenses and send to HMRC.

    Not sure if cleaning her work uniform is allowable, and there are probably time limits for submitting the claim.

    Look it up on the HMRC website.
  • peaman
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    Sorry, didn't look at your attachment, it looks like it is claimable!

    Good luck!
  • MarkT
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    Thanks for the fast replies and the link to the old thread :biggrin:
  • jamesm96
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    As a side-issue, if you're able to submit a tax return and claim the expenses on the employment pages rather than doing the P85, you'll probably find it a much smoother process.
  • peaman
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    Just to confirm, the form is P87 (not P85). It is very simple, takes 10 minutes to download, complete and send to HMRC. Piece of cake!

    Assuming your better half does not receive SA returns as she is employed.
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