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Does anyone know of a good private tutor in the south London area? I have had a look on AAT website and I can find lots of links about becoming a tutor, but I wa looking for tutors who could teach one on one? Is there a list somewhere?

I am at the exam stage of level 4 and really struggling. I passed everything in level 2 and 3 first time with no trouble at all but I am finding level 4 a huge huge leap up and as well as working 8.30-7pm at a busy trading firm I am spending my whole life studying and not really making much progress . I have taken and failed Budgeting and BTX and haven't been able to revise properly for FNP as I have been finishing my first draft of ICAS. I'm wondering if a tutor would help

Any thoughts?



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    i have had the same problem, i haven't managed to find a teacher either!! im taking personal tax today and am just living in hope, i am waiting on pev and fnst results too and then im done, if i can offer any help or motivation im happy to try!!! im trying to find people who can offer help and support to each other who all feel like me!
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