Working out the cost per session, I should know this but it's ruining my brain atm...

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Would anybody be kind enough to send me on the right path in regards to the following, I know I've done this before but my knowledge is, let's just say rusty...

I've got a role as company accountant within a nursery, and the boss man wants me to work out for him how much profit he is making per session.. obviously based on the figures I've produced.

There are three sessions: Morning, Afternoon and All day.

The costs I'm working with include Rent, Staff, Food and equipment.

I just want a template on where to begin to refresh my brain, I think I know where to head with this but I don't want to get myself into a muddle.

Any help would be massively appreciated. :thumbup:


  • Rozzi Rainbow
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    Presumably it's quite easy to establish the income generated per session? The issue seems to be allocating your costs to different sessions. Staff I would assume is the easiest - do they work set hours, and do these correspond with the session lengths? Again, I would have thought food costs should be quite straightforward. Rent would have to be apportioned somehow, e.g. each session's length as a percentage of the total. So if the Morning and Afternoon sessions are the same length, they would get the same proportion of rent costs. The slight problem may be that "All day" overlaps with the other two sessions, and therefore most of the costs will be shared. Maybe split somehow depending on how many children attend each session?

    Hope you manage to get somewhere with this, sounds like it could be fun working out different apportionment methods!
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