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After recently watching the programme 'Show me your money' On Channel 4 and receiving my salary review, I wondered what other people thought.

I began working for my current employer as an accounts assistant in September 2011 whilst half way through studying for the AAT Technician level. This meant I had one day out of the office to study. I started on what I thought was a measly salary of £13,000.

The firm run their pay reviews every December and July. I did not have a pay review in December 2011 as I only joined in Septemeber 2011, and therefore I was looking forward to July 2012. Having qualified and since attained membership to the AAT in April this year, I was hoping for a decent rise.

The letter sent to me states 'Your progress with the firm has been reviewed and we are pleased to inform you that your salary will be increased to £14,000 with effect from 1st July 2012.' Now I know performance is taken into account when your salary is reviewed, but this makes out that i'm doing a bad job, when I think I am doing fine, especially as my manager said in my appraisal a couple months ago that I am performing at the expected level.

Now my first reaction was to say that just doesn't seem enough. I recently read the AAT salary review survey compiled in 2011 and from what I saw the average salary for an AAT qualified employee in a large firm was in the region of £17,000 to £20,000.

It would be helpful to see what other people think of this and possibly offer some advice?



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    Lucas09 Registered Posts: 10 Regular contributor ⭐ ? ⭐
    Ignore this post, reposted in correct place on forum.
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