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I completed level 3 last week, so will be studying level 4 once I get approval from my employers.

I will be studying Level 4 by distance learning, and I am thinking of just buying the study material and do it by this route. The two optional modules I will take is Business Tax and Personal Tax as I will probably study ACCA when I complete this.

Can anyone recommend the order to study the modules? I have read that some have suggested that BTX and PTX can be studied together.

Thanks for you help



  • Jo Clark
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    Hello Ying

    Congratulations on completing Level 3.

    With regards to what order to study Level 4 you may like to consider what you found interesting at Level 3 and what your last few modules were. If you studied Cost and Revenues last you may like to complete Budget and Financial Performance first.

    Personally I studied Financial Statements, Budgeting and Financial Performance first to complete the mandatory units first (excluding ICAS - project). I studied both the tax papers and would advise that you sit Personal Tax before Business Tax, or as you have said, study them together.

    I don't think there is a right or wrong order to study the modules. My tutor has said that most students leave and it is also recommended??? that ICAS be completed last as the knowledge gained during the other modules can be applied to your project.

    I am sure other students will reply advising the order which they completed their studies.

    As I said above, there is no right or wrong order.

    Good luck with Level 4 and enjoy :o
    ~ An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest ~
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  • ykwong1978
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    Hi Jo,

    Thanks for your advice, I will attempt the project near the end, and PTX before BTX. And just see which module takes my fancy.

    Thanks again :)

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