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Right now, I have some confusion surrounding my mind about MIP and some of the websites aren't too self explanatory and I'd appreciate if some people would clear the jargon for me. Here I start,

1. So here is my story, I am unemployed currently and I have been redundant by my previous employer around 2 week ago. I just downloaded the MIP applying application form and I've been checking through the application form. Firstly, I came across the "professional reference" section but here is my problem, I've been redundant so where should I get this reference from? For my MAAT, I was still working at the time but now I'm unemployed.

Shall I go back to my previous employer to get the "proffesional reference" section filled in? I still am in contacts with them. If not, what shall I do?

2. On the website, it says I'm a MAAT but I still haven't received any paper work regarding my MAAT. It's been just over a week since I got my MAAT.

3. Thirdly, I have a little confusion between "licensed" and "registered" MIP? I am only experienced in Bookkeeping, Accounts/Finance which means I'm not experienced in everything MIP requires. It says I need to take a diagnostic test, will I need to take this?



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    1. Go back to your previous employer.

    2. You should receive the MAAT certificate within the next month.

    3. "Registered" means that you are working towards being "licensed", i.e. you haven't met all the "licensed" requirements yet. "Licensed" means that you have met all the requirements (i.e. it is better to be licensed than registered). One of the requirements to be "licensed" is to complete both diagnostic tests. You are only allowed to be "registered" for a maximum of 2 years (i.e. AAT is giving you 2 years to meet the requirements to become "licensed"). And while you are "registered" you can't tell your clients/customers that you are an AAT member in practice.

    E-mail AAT and ask for a MiP "application form" pdf and "guidelines" pdf.
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    You seem to be very knowledgeable. :) Have you got a email address where I can contact you for queries? It's always good to have someone knowledgeable in the contacts.

    Another question, are there fees for taking the diagnostics test? Will I need to find another job to develop on other MIP skills like Payroll, VAT return and such so I can get my license?
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