How difficult the level 4 is?

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Hi, all

My level 3 is nearly completed. I am just waiting for my spsw result now. I am thinking about moving onto level 4. But I do not know if I can study level 4 on my own.

I completed my level 3 study in two and half months time without fail (not sure about spsw). People are saying that level 4 is much more difficult than level 3. And I have no accounting work experience. Does it make my study more difficult?

I have heard all papers in level 4 will take 4 weeks to get results. Does it more look like project. For each paper, does it contain more calculation or more writing?

Has anyone completed level 4 by self study? Is it very hard?

That's quite a lot of questions. If anyone has any idea about it, please give me some suggestion. I, personally ,wanna study it on my own. It saves more money, more time. But I do not know if I can handle it. thank you for replying ....


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    Hello Xue,

    Fisrdt of all congratulations on nearly finishing level 3. In two and a half months, is impressive.

    However, if you do decide to go onto level 4. Take your time, as it is a step up from level 3.
    The exams take upto 6 weeks to mark, this is due to the exams now have written aspects to them and are manually marked. There is also a project, which you can purchase, all written.

    I have done all through college, so I cannot comment on self study. But there will always be some one on here willing to help. Have you looked at the studdy buddy list, this may help you!

    Hope this helps
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