What is the cheapest way to study level 3

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I have completed 4 units from level 2 and due to re-sit CMPA level 2 in September. Not very happy with the college, I attend. Also is there any other way if I couldd take an exam before From what I have read some of you are doing your own studies from home by just buying books and taking exams by bpp. Can anyone suggest how hard it is to do it on your own and how do you get through if you are completely stuck with the question and no one to answer?


  • liveprincess
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    You can either do distance learning - sign up with the training provider and they will send you all the materials and books and when you're stuck you can ask your tutor. You pay them for your course. That's what I do because I like studying at my own pace, book exams when I feel ready and it depends how much time I had to study. Other people just buy books and do it all on their own without help from the training porvider. When you're stuck I'm sure you can get help on this forum, lots of nice people here. Also I can help you with theory part of CMPA as my book covered this. Good luck with whatever you go for.
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    hey can please recommend a provider for the AAT level 3 course, distance learning? Much appreciated
  • SashaDella
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    Premier, Kaplan or Eagle!
  • JaffasGirl
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    I would also recommend BPP, I'm not sure what the tutors are like but whenever I've dealt with people at the centres they are all very helpful.

    Also, i find their text books the best for me, but it depends what style suits you.
  • HannahJade
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    I would highly recommend Eagle!

    They have been so helpful to me in my studies, and very quick to resond to any queries i have.
  • Evie
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    I would receommend Premier Training, i was so stuck trying to choose a privder but didnt dare do it alone incase i was gettting stuck all of the time and this would just demotivate me! Theyre so helpful whenever you call and my tutor is great :) good luck choosing!
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    I found the cheapest option was through the goverment apprenticeship scheme with training centres. You need to be working in an accounts position and be doing at least 16 hours a week. Its free for under 25's and for 25+ the centre I enquired with quoted me about £500 all in including a 1 day a week course, study material and exams plus 1 free resit of each exam.
    Unfortunately my employer wasn't happy about the day release as my wages for the day i'm not there would have totted up to quite a bit more. Instead I am doing self study and I book an exam in when I am ready. I did this at level 2 and was really happy as I sat the exams every 2 weeks and moved quickly onto level 3. I bought the BPP books of Amazon for about £10-14 each and pay the centre £34 for the actual exam and £30 fee to sit it there. If I sit more than one at once I just have the one charge. I used the question books at level 2 however found they were very similar to online resources so haven't bothered at level 3.
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    I just wanted to say a big thank you to all for all your replies. Live princess, I would appreciate if you could forward me a copy of theory sheet with all the answers. I only failed as the 2nd part of Q and A did not load up properly on to the system for marking. However, I am currently asking them if they could upload and remark. It would help if I had passed in the first instance. However, for whatever reason if I have to resit, it will be 7th of September, therefore want to be prepared just incase!

    Atleast, I know I can rely on you all, if I am really stuck! I have a good peer support at a college therefore will enrol again this year at the same place.

    Also currently unemployed as I was made redundant last year due to current economic climate! Never worked in accounts only admin and retail! Tried looking for lots of part time jobs but unfortunately there is a great competition out there.

    Can anyone tell me how do I step into my first job as an accand do they train you if this is your first job?

    Thank you once more!
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