RTi submission done! - No more P35's Yay!

KaySarah Registered Posts: 215 Beyond epic contributor 🧙‍♂️
First RTi successfully sent to HMRC as part of their initial pilot scheme - without a hitch or trauma - because I prepared well for it beforehand :lol: (although I was tense [and ratty] beforehand and ensured I followed all the rules).

No more P35's - no more worries about forgetting to file in time (I have a personal bet with myself to get it filed as soon as HMRC "opens" their gateway to allow it - personal best is ..... 10 April woohoo!!

Motto : We have nothing to fear but fear itself ... if we set our minds to it - we can do Anything! ... can you tell I am on a natural high? :001_rolleyes:
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