Feeling down and sorry for myself :-(

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As I now have to resit Personal Tax too and yet I really enjoyed doing the subject :-(
So now that's FNST to be resat again and I know I will have to resit FNPF yet again, before I even get the results back for that one!

That's the rest of my holiday in Turkey ruined now :-(


  • Becky V
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    Hi Chelle,

    Please dont give up! I know how hard it is and really devasting when you are not yet competent but just imagine how you will feel when you are competent! I really dont know what else to say but just keep going you will get there! :) xx
  • lisalofty
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    Heres a hug (( ))

    Hi chille,

    Sorry to hear your down, I understand the feeling as i've been there myself and it's hard.

    I had my first not competent for fnst and was totally gutted as passed 12 previous exams 1st time,
    I went into the exam in a negative frame of mind I think having read the pass rate was low and not many passed first time.

    I resat it 2 weeks after my results came and went into it feeling more confident and better prepared and have since found out i've passed. This time i did all my written work first then completed the number work and found it worked for me but were not all the same. I wrote all IAS numbers and what they represent i.e IAS 2 - inventories, to IAS 40 Investment properties then learnt them in more detail. I also wrote notes on the framework.

    I have recently sat FNP and know that is a resit so have started studying before results are out so can put straight in for my resit.

    I have like everyone else worked so hard for this and am determind to graduate in November.:001_smile:

    Its worth it in the end the goal is so near for you now :001_smile: x

    Level 2 - 2010
    Level 3 - 2011

    Level 4
    PTX - Dec 2011
    ICAS - Jan 2012
    FNST - Apr 2012
    CRM Part 1 - Mar 2012
    CRM Part 2 - Mar 2012
    BGT - July 2012
    FNP * still awaiting results - but think its a resit oh well still studying x
  • BeccaLouJ9
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    I know how you feel... I failed BTX today.. My last exam of the course! I felt so confident about this one too.. I was absolutely sure I had passed, it was easy.. or so I thought! Gutted is not the word!!!

    Oh well, I WILL pass the next time, as will you.

    Good luck everyone, and big hugs for those who didn't manage to pass this time round.

    B xxx
  • apreech
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    I echo all comments said on this thread, it is really disheartening when you feel confident about an exam and then find out 6 weeks later that you are not competent.

    For Statements, I echo Lisa's comments write down each Standard including number, name and a couple of points for each.. I wrote them in a list and mixed the colours up, this helped me to remember them.

    Keep your head up, you are competent and you will pass :-)

    Good luck to everyone, just think of the certificate at the end of it all x
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