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I'm really struggling with my ICAS project :-( and need some advice from the experts!

I've found 5 weaknesses within my chosen area. Do I now need to write a recommendation for each weakness or just choose one to write about?

Thanks in advance for all your help and advice.



  • CovTeej
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    Hi Rob

    I would suggest you do all of them, if you are starting to look a bit 'wordy' then drop one of them.

    We were told to chose an area (payroll, payables, receivables etc) and then find as many weaknesses as you can for that chosen area.

    However, other students may have been told different! So go with the general consensus of the replies you get, and good luck.
  • MarieNoelle
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    Hi Rob,
    I agree with CovTeej, we were asked to mirror all of our weaknesses to our recommendations. However you may just concentrate on a few ones.
    Good luck,
  • aaron0121
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    Yup I also agree with Marie & CovTeej, for each weakness highlighted my tutor said it's best to make a
    recommendation for each one.

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