ICAS project; base it on scenario or workplace?

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Hello all,

I'm trying to get ahead with level 4 by starting the project; before I do this I wanted some advice on whether it's better to the project on the given scenario or your own workplace?

Thanking you in advance!


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    We were told the workplace would be better and it also gives you more time. I suppose it depends whether you can find something to do it on. I am struggling abit as there are so many rules about what I can use at work (work for NHS).

    Also have read some threads on here that it was easier to do at the end then the beginning as a lot of what you learn in level 4 is useful for doing the project, So can't decide what to do.

  • Jo Clark
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    In order to complete ICAS based on your work place you will need your manager's approval. They will be required to sign an authenticity statement once you have completed the report.

    You must have thier approval as without this statement the assessor will not be able to assess your work.

    You may also decided that after considering your work place, you may not be able to investigate all the learning outcomes so a case study may be the better option.

    I agree with Jan about leaving the project till the end. This is what I have done for various reasons and one of the comments made by my tutor/assessor for this unit is that a lot of students find it easier as they are able to apply knowledge gained from other modules, that is not to say you can't complete it first.

    Good luck with your decision making.

    I'm off again to do a little more reading/writing on mine.

    Any further questions please ask.

    JC :o
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    I have opted to go for the Case Study, in part because I do not work directly within an accounting function.

    Also, I figured that with the Case Study, the information is all there, waiting for you to analyse but by doing the workplace scenario, you would have to spend time devising questionnaires for co-workers, etc. As I'm so busy during the normal working day, I would personally be hard-pressed to find time to approach colleagues and arrange times when they could spare a few minutes to assist in my research.

    On a separate point, I was initially very apprehensive about doing this module as I've read so many bad things about it on the forum. However, it is not really that daunting at all, and find it quite refreshing to not have to revise for an exam. I reckon the first draft could be completed within a couple of weeks - have already spent about 10 hours last week reading and re-reading the Case Study, and performing initial research. I aim to spend three hours a day and about 7 hours on Saturdays/Sundays to enable me to upload it during the first week of August.

    Lastly, the PDF guides that the AAT have prepared are invaluable and are available on the Learn Plus section of the website: https://services.aat.org.uk/elearn/level4/

    Good luck with your project, missm4ry4m!
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