Fuel Scale Charges

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Probably going to sound like a silly question, but I'm doing our VAT return and we have a number of cars where we calculate the fuel scale charges.

One of the girls has now turned her normal lease car in and got a short term hire car only for now.

Yesterday I found something about the fuel scale charges only being applicable to long term lease or owned cars and not on just a normal hire car, but I can't find any official legislation back about it.

Does anyone know anything about this and could you please point me in the right direction for the legislation?



  • Monsoon
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    No idea. But your post was looking sad with no replies so I thought I'd at least acknowledge I'd thought about it :lol:
  • Rinske
    Rinske Registered Posts: 2,453
    Thanks! :)

    The fuel scale charges seem to be the least of my worries on this VAT return. All I've done so far this week is working on this one VAT return....
  • oakley
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    I would say that as the hire car is a direct replacement (and presumably will be hired until a new lease care is arranged) you should take the fuel scale charge on the hire car, also only claim 50% of the vat on the hire charges as she will be using it for personal use.
  • Rinske
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    I finally submitted and paid the VAT return today...

    I did take the fuel scale charge on the hire car for the same reason, but no clue what happened to the VAT on the hire charges, as I didn't see the actual invoice, best go and check that, but if my memory serves me correct, we paid a deposit and only got the invoice in July.

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