MIP Application form confusion

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Today, I just received my MIP application form which I will be filling in but there is some confusion inside me about filling the form. I would like some help here. I will order out the questions in numbers to make it more organized.

1. Firstly, I have got some experience in MIP. Meaning, I have only experience in Bookkeeping and Accounting. So obviously I don't meet the other criteria. Like, I'm not experienced in the Tax, Payroll area. Shall I apply for a license or a registered member?

2. If I'm a registered member and not licensed, do I have to pay for the AAT money laundering supervision fee? And how much does this cost?

3. If I am a registered member, shall I pay for an insurance cover? The professional indemmity insurance cover (PII), I'm talking about. How much will I have to pay? How do I get a insurance cover done?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


  • jalalsyed
    jalalsyed Registered Posts: 20 Dedicated contributor ? ? ?
    Bump. I need help quite badly here. Thanks!
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