Help! Panicking about spreadsheet exam on Friday

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As the title says I have my spreadsheet exam this Friday ( my last exam to finish off level 3! ) I was feeling pretty confident but now I'm really doubting myself. I've worked through the Osborne book, done all the questions in the book, done the mock exam on the AAT website and the mock exam set by my course provider ( premier training ) and did OK. Tonight I've just found the E-Learn section of the AAT website and started working through those questions but theres formulas on there I've never come across before ( OR function, ROUNDUP function, AND function ) now I could figure out how to do them, but I'm now worried that even more formulas might come up that I've never looked at and obviously spending time figuring out what to do etc is going to eat away at my time and if I can't figure out what to do with them lose me marks.

Has anyone had any formulas come up that they haven't learned about in their studies? Can someone please put my mind at ease?! :001_unsure:


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    Hi Gems

    The spreadsheet exam is nearly identical to the practice CBA, the only formula I had was the "IF" statement and I didn't manage to get that right but still passed first time. I wouldn't panic too much, by the sounds of it you have done plenty of preparation.

    Good luck!!

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    i had spreadsheet exam today and i think u shouldnt worry at all Its very similar to practice assesment u can find on aat website Good luck on friday
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    Thanks for the reassurance, I got 85%+ on all my mock exams so I'm hoping I should be ok. Does anyone actually know what percentage you need to get to pass this exam?
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    Hi Gems,

    You need 70% and above for each section,

    Good luck for your exam :thumbup1:

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    Well I sat the exam this morning and you were all right, it was virtually identical to the mock exam on the AAT website ( which I did again last night to practice! ), just with different data! I really hope ( and dare I say it, think ) I've passed. I remembered footers for every page and made sure it would print to one page, all formulas worked, remembered absolute cell referencing when needed etc so I should pass, just got to wait and see I suppose!
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    Hi Gems

    Glad to hear it went ok. Feet up now and enjoy some sunshine! :laugh:

    Are you doing level 4, distance or college?

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    In all honesty I haven't decided whether to do level 4 yet or not. Part of me knows that it would seem a waste getting this far and not doing it, but it's been a real struggle for me to find the time to do this due to work commitments and problems in my personal life ( OH has ongoing health problems which is rather stressful ). We're also hoping to start a family in the next year which is another thing thats maybe putting me off.

    If I did continue it would have to be distance learning again, there's no way I could get the time off work needed to go to college. I think I'm going to think about it over August and decide in September, plus I'd have to approach my employer to see whether they'd be happy to fund the next level or not ( they've paid for all my previous courses ) and if they won't then I'd have to factor in whether I could afford to pay for it myself.
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    Hi Gems

    I know just how you feel, I struggled with level 3 and several times said I wasn't going on, mine was the otherway round my employers had agreed to all 3 levels funding and if I dropped out I had to pay back. Luckly I have a very understanding dept manager and when I told him he said he would waver this. I am also in need of an op which would me being laid up for 6wks, I have decided to go for it and try and finish level 4 if my health lets me and then have the op.

    Good luck in whatever you decide and keep in touch, enjoy the time off.

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    Well I've logged on to the learnplus site this morning and I've passed the spreadsheet exam :001_smile:

    Does anyone know how long it takes to update the assessment results part under "your assessments" with this info, or how long it'll take until I get my certificate through?
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    Congratulations Gems, we knew you would :thumbup:

    Will probably take a few days to update with being marked externally as AAT have to be emailed with your details.

    It seems to varying a lot with certificates I got mine 11 days after passing my last exam, but I know others that are still waiting.

    Hope we see in level 4 forum :001_smile:
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    Yay I passed Spreadsheets!

    Thanks for your help everyone! x
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