Traning provider?

dsavickij Registered Posts: 37 Epic contributor 🐘
Which provider for level 4, if any?

I started studying AAT Level 2 last year with premier training, but found it quite easy and just moved on to Level 3 without completing Level 2 and with out a training provider.

Now i am about to finish Level 3 and I am wondering if i need a provider for Level 4 or if I should just get the books and study on my own.

I am hoping to start in september and complete level 4 by january. My work are willing to pay but is it actually worth signing up with a training provider? I never called premier training for help so my only experience with a training provider is one where I paid them £600 and they sent me £100 worth of books.

Is level 4 a huge leap up?*


  • vickie88
    vickie88 Registered Posts: 58 Epic contributor 🐘
    I personally thought level 4 was a big step up from level 3 but I did level 3 on the old syllabus.

    I would recommend you go through a training provider.
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