Continuity of Practice nominee needed

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The other day, my MIP application form came and I pretty much filled it in thoroughly but there is a section that I left out. It's mandatory. It's the "continuity of practice" where I need to nominate someone. I honestly know anyone of my cousins, friends or anyone familiar in my area that are professional accountants. I am desperate to send off my application, but this has been stopping me.

Can I nominate anyone living in England or does it have to be in my area? Is anyone in this forum, willing to volunteer to become a "continuity of practice" nominee? I live in Bedford, Bedfordshire. It's near Luton or Milton Keynes. If that sheds any light.

Thanks, any help regarding would be appreciated.


  • wbauk2002
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    Isn't it someone who can verify you have worked in accounts for a year?
  • jalalsyed
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    No, it is someone who you nominate to continue your practice if you're long term absent. I need someone to do this. Are you available?
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