level 4 options?

I have just finished level 2+3 in one year sept-june.
I want to distance learn level 4, which options would you take if you were going the CIMA route.
I think going the ACCA route you take personal and business tax, but CIMA i am not so sure.
Any advice please,i will only have a training provider for my ICAS project and book exams with Kaplan when i want to take them for level 4.


  • liveprincess
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    my training provider said it's recommended to take credit management and business tax if you want to go to CIMA
    Let us what you decide to go for
  • omega man
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    Well i thought it might be something like that liveprincess.
    You see if i go back to college, which is still an option as i get things for free on benefits,i can only do personal and business tax no choice thats it.
    So i think i will go the distance learning route and do credit management and business tax then,i suppose i could do 3 options if i wanted just to keep my options open.
  • aaron0121
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    Hi Omega,

    If you go to college you will get the help from tutors and it's always nice to work in the class environment as you
    can meet new people and get help from other students. As you will be getting some funding why not do personal
    tax and business tax at college with the core modules, then do credit management as self study :)

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  • omega man
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    Yes that has occurred to me aaron0121.
    I want to self study as i go too fast for other students,they cannot keep up with me.
    I have a very good study ethic and no distractions.
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