Advice required - Looking for a job in London

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Hi Folks

I live in the Midlands and finding it difficult to get a job. (I am looking for a job in the accountancy/finance sector). I am now thinking of expanding my job search by locating jobs in London. If I am fortunate enough to get a job in that area of the country, I could catch a train every morning which would take me directly to London Euston, and from there, it would hopefully be a short ride on the tube or bus to get to work.

Therefore, could some one be kind enough to tell me what areas I could get to from Euston which would be easily commutable?

Thanks in advance for your responses.


  • vickie88
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    The AAT was advertising an Accounts Assistant job in london not so long ago. Have a look in the jobs section on the AAT website x
  • David Banner
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    Hi Geek84,

    My advice would be to send a covering letter with a copy of your CV to as many companies in you desired location up to the maximum postage you can afford and see what happens!

    Best of luck

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    Has anybody actually read the question he asked? He asks what areas in London he would be able to easily get to from Euston. Geek, sorry I can't help you as I don't know but you'd be best to just use google... Good luck with your job search
  • David Banner
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    The main difficulty facing our fellow member is that they are finding it difficult gaining employment. Does anyone else have any useful suggestions or job offers!

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