where are you going on holiday

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We decided to stay in the UK this year after finding out it would cost £4k just to go to eurodisney for 5 days (six of us), so we spent ~£600 on Merlin passes and have just been to London on the eye and to Madame Tussauds, and are going to Alton Towers and Warwick castle soon for a few days before heading down to Newquay for a weeks camping, surfing and bike riding.


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    Sounds good! Eurodisney is soooo expensive, I did look at that a few years ago but couldn't bring myself to do it. The Merlin passes sound like a fantastic idea.
    I've just come back from 6 days camping in the New Forest with some friends and the children, an I'm then of to Lanzarote next Sat for a week with my other half and my son, then 2 weeks sailing in Greece on my parents boat with the family :D
    (As a note I don't normally have this many holidays so I'm feeling very spoilt this year and looking forward to having some serious time to relax and recharge the batteries!)

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    Going to London, needed to go for something so going to stay for a few days and make a holiday out of the trip.

    It'll be good to see London, but if I didn't have to go, we'd probably have gone somewhere with guaranteed good weather!
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    This year I have decided to stay at home and save up as when I finish level 4 I am going to Jersey for 2 weeks.
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    I'm going to Brighton :D and will also have a few day trips to London later in the year.
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    My husband, me and the little dog are going to Somerset, we are renting an annexe on a farm. Should be great fun. Not long to go now before we are away. Really need the holiday.....
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    I can't wait to get to Newquay on Wednesday! 3 days camping, with the bikes and the boyfriend. Let's hope the rain stops, just for a little while.
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    We had a week in Ireland at the beginning of June - flew to Belfast, hired a car and drove where the world took us! Only had the first night's accomodation booked, so could be flexible. Drove round the north coast and over the border into Donegal. Lovely scenery, loughs and mountains.

    We thought the Republic might seem expensive with the Euro exchange rate, but everything was reasonable. Their diesel is miles cheaper than our prices, unleaded worked out about them same converting it back to Sterling, but diesel was about 10 cents a litre cheaper. We also got a much better exchange rate giving our Sterling to the Irish banks than we did getting Euros at the Post Office before we left.
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    I've been in London this week to watch hockey at Olympic Park and to have a good walk around the museums, but later this year I am going to Spain for a week and hopefully a weekend trip to Amsterdam to visit the Anne Frank museum and soak up the culture. :cool2:
  • Lynn S
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    Hi all

    Not having a proper holiday this year, as hopefully we are going to have a nice holiday next year when my husband is 40.

    Later today we are off to my home county of Wiltshire for a few days camping with my family near Marlborough. Hope the sun comes out, as it's very dull here (Fareham) at the moment.
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    We have just got back from 3 weeks in Southern Spain. We decided to splash out a bit and went for a villa. We went for three weeks as flights were so much cheaper for those dates. We have previously used our caravan in the UK but we sold it in May as we wanted to spend some time going abroad. We have just got back this evening and its cold brrr. We had average temperatures of 30c.

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    I'm going in November for the 2nd time this year... its awesome!
  • James Patterson
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    SashaDella wrote: »
    I'm going in November for the 2nd time this year... its awesome!

    Thats mint! I am looking forward to it, going to love seeing the canals:001_tt2:
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    :001_smile: thb holidays are my guilty sin!!

    This year been to Portugal, Cornwall, Gran Canaria....soon off on a cruise, then Turkey & back to Portugal!!! Then early next year back to Goa, I love it there....:thumbup:
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    This year I believe I'll be enjoying a nice chilled holiday with my family in Skeg-Vegas ;)

    Although I'm sure next year I'll be going abroad with a few friends... Pretty excited!
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