Lev 3 Certificate


Has anyone got theirs recently; how long did it take from completing leve 3 to receive it?

AAT said that I should have it between 5-8 wks but this seems a little long from my experience.



  • Sammmy88
    Sammmy88 Registered Posts: 283
    I got min a week or two after I got my last result! It was very quick!
    Level 2 - Passed 2011
    Level 3 - Passed 2012
    Level 4 - Passed 2014

    Awaiting to start CIMA :)
  • Jo Clark
    Jo Clark Registered Posts: 2,525
    Hello Martin

    Congratulations on completing level 3. If you check the AAT website under your statement of achievement there is a frequently asked questions page. One of the FAQs is 'Will I still receive certificates for my achievements? The answer is 'AAT issues certificates on a monthly basis once you complete a whole level'.

    Good luck and enjoy level 4.

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  • uknitty
    uknitty Registered Posts: 591
    A couple of days ago someone posted on the AAT FB page that they had just received their certificate, so I would imagine that it will be towards the end of the month before another run of certificates are printed and sent.
  • SamiH
    SamiH Registered Posts: 179 🎆 🐘 🎆
    mine turned up 3 weeks after I passed my final assessment :)
  • janwal
    janwal Registered Posts: 1,189
    Hi Martin

    I took my last exam on 10th July and got my certificate on the 21st July. I was amazed as took 3 months to get my level 2 one through.
  • Sulew17
    Sulew17 Registered Posts: 174 🎆 🐘 🎆
    Hi Martin

    Well done for completing Level 3. I got my certificate last Wednesday after completing Level 3 on 11th July. Much quicker than last year - like Jan I didn't get my Level 2 certificate until mid September - over 3 months after completing the level!
  • omega man
    omega man Registered Posts: 283
    I got my level 2 and level 3 cert together on same day as i passed my last module on each level together.
    Passed on July 4th so say about 2 weeks later on my AAT site and another 2 weeks after that i got mine.
  • Louise89
    Louise89 MAAT Posts: 296
    It depends on when your statement of achievement is complete. The AAT's certificate deadline is something like the 7th of the month (please don't quote me on this though!) So your SoA was achieved on the 8th for example, you would not receive your certificate until the next month... and even then, I think it takes them a week or so to be checked and distributed. I think it also depends on the volume of certificates being issued as well, obviously there will be peak times where it may take longer than it would usually.

    Don't worry, it will come though. You could always ring the AAT and find out exactly if you are really worried.
  • SashaDella
    SashaDella Registered Posts: 362
  • MWAUGH1983
    MWAUGH1983 Registered Posts: 420
    Cheers Louise; I expect to get it late august - iv'e decided if I haven't got it by the end of September to give them a ring. Just with some providers they sometimes want to check you have the previous level and hoping to start level 4 late aug early sept.

    Cheers sasha - it was a hard slog but got there in the end!

  • Louise89
    Louise89 MAAT Posts: 296

    If they do want to check that you have completed level 3, you can print your statement of achievement out - these are generally accepted since the actual certificates do take some time to process. :)
  • MWAUGH1983
    MWAUGH1983 Registered Posts: 420
    Yeah louise I was going to do that; just that for employers as well as there is a few that you can count on beinf funny but I dont think it will be a problem as I should get the cert by end of the month.
  • MWAUGH1983
    MWAUGH1983 Registered Posts: 420
    Just to let you know that I received this today; that was about 2 wks after level 3 completion!

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