Kaplan or Bpp for DL?

Hi Guys
Can anyone let me know of experiences with Online Learning.
Was looking at Kaplan engage (£170) and Bpp online classroom (£320) for Financial Statements.
Not sure which one to go for, they seem very similar (apart from the fee)
Any input much appreciated.


  • Whirlwind
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    I used BPP online classroom for API, APII & FNST, found them really good(but nothing to compare them against) I passed so it went in so it obviously went in!! The voice over for FNST would fluctuate quite abit which was rather aggravating. They gave a lot of tips for what to concentrate on for the exams, which was great.
  • anniebabe
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    thanks for your input Whirlwind, in your opinion did you think it was worth £300 ?
    Bpp are nearly double the price of Kaplan - which is why i am still pondering, funding this myself - so i need to try and pick the right course.
    Both companies seem to be offering pretty much the same thing, difficult to decide.
  • Whirlwind
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    I did think the cost was steep but with my employer funding my studies and nothing to compare it with beside state funded BTEC diploma in the 80s its hard to say. Especially when you consider books (text, question bank and cards) cost around £30.

    I only found the forum long after FNST so had no preconceived ideas about unit. So pleased as the online classroom got me into great routine for how to study, its enabled me selfstudied the remaining uni ts with just the books - passed all taken. Just waiting for results on FNPF, due to take the 2 taxes and project.
  • anniebabe
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    Thanks for the input, has one else used either companies for the online lectures/distance learning?
  • vlambkin1
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    I studied Level 2 and 3 through BPP Online Classroom and Level 4 through Kaplan Distance Learning. I wouldn't say there is a huge amount of difference between the two.

    I didn't find the online classroom overly useful to be honest, the way things were explained were very slow and I found myself skipping through the lessons a bit and just using the books. On the other hand, I think I would use them a lot more for Level 4 as I'm definitely finding this level harder.

    The BPP books and Kaplan books both have plenty of examples in which I have found really useful as it's how I learn best! However I have found the same issues in Kaplan as I did in BPP....lots of typos and information missing!

    I've passed all exams so far, just Financial Statements to go and waiting on the results for Financial Performance so both providers seem to work for me!

    I'd say go for Kaplan though, not only is it cheaper but I found the support a lot better. I get an almost immediate response if I email Kaplan but I had quite a few customer service issues with BPP!

    Sorry I've gone on a bit but I hope it helps!

  • anniebabe
    anniebabe Registered Posts: 595
    thats great,thanks for your reply Vlambkin.
    hope you get a good result for FNPF.
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