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Hi Guys

I am after some advice I studied LeveL 3 Diploma 5 years ago. And I have decided to study level 4 in
my mid 40's. I know that things have changed and the computer has taken over for exmas. The
advice Im after is when it comes to doing the exams did anybody use the old past papers or just use the new computer ones any advice would be helpful.


John Delaney


  • aaron0121
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    Hi John,

    When studying for the exams I use; the practise cbts on the aat website, aat green light assessments, the
    osborne book tutorials and also osborne e learning :) With the amount of exam practise questions that the aat
    website and osborne offer, I don't feel the need to revise the old past papers. However other students
    may use both the old and new.

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