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I know this will probably have been gone over a lot of times before but I am newly qualified & should have the experience to obtain MAAT by mid october.

I want to start in practice probably just bookkeeping to start with slowly building up a client base & services I offer. My problem is I dont know where or how to start, how much insurance I will need, how much to charge, where & how to advertise etc etc.

Any advice from anybody on anything that will help me would be much appreciated.




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    There are lots of previous threads about situations like yours. Basically you need to become a Member in Practice (MIP) with AAT. They can advise you further.
    Then you will need insurance and again AAT can advise you on this, or there are previous threads on this too.
    What you charge will depend on your area and to what level you want to work.
    Firstly try advertising locally and free, ie local shops, magazines etc.
    It will be hard to start with, but word of mouth soon helps.
    Do a good job and your clients will come back time and time again.
    Good luck.
    And don't be afraid to use the AAT forums for advice - there are some really clever people on here!!
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