AAT Membership...Benefits???

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Im due to pay for AAT membership, I have 2 exams that im waiting my results from level 4 then if pass will be complete. My question is is it worth me paying my membership each year, what benefits does it include? Or what will i loose from not paying it?



  • Morpheus1980
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    Hi Hopeipassx

    Not sure about the benefits, but I do know that election to full membership is subject to a suitability assessment and payment of any outstanding fees, so you will need to pay the current fee before being MAAT qualified.

    Hope you get the results you're after! Good luck!
  • stevef
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    You need to ask yourself, if I do not join the Association why have I slaved over the entry exams. Also consider, if no one ever joined AAT there would be no AAT.
  • Diddy Mau
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    Hi Hopeipassx

    If you want to be Hopeipazzx MAAT, then you need to keep paying your membership, otherwise you technically shouldnt use the letters.
    Also the benefits are for your CPD, the classes that are run through AAT.
    Like SteveF says, why go through it all.
  • Louise89
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    If you are looking for benefits outside of AAT;

    "Here are a few examples of the benefits available:

    15% of your car insurance renewal
    20% off your home insurance renewal
    Up to £100 off glasses and eyecare at Vision Express
    Discounts on a wide range of accommodation through Travellers Advantage
    Discounts on business wear at all TM Lewin stores and online
    10% off all orders with Flowers Direct
    You could end up saving more than your annual membership subscription."

    (ref: http://www.aat.org.uk/membership/aat-additions)

    Also, there are also many direct benefits of being an AAT member;
    AAT Support
    CPD events and functions
    You also get the funky magazine (which I really enjoy)
    You get to use your well earned MAAT designatory letters
    There is a reduced rate membership scheme for those studying ACA/ACCA/CIMA/CTA etc...

    Plenty of reasons to stay a member and if you are working in finance, companies typically tend to pay subscriptions fees for you.

    Louise x
  • StuartW
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    To anyone else reading this considering full membership - you might be interested to know that we're hosting a couple of free webinars on this topic next week.

    Everything you want to know about MAAT - Tuesday 4 September 2012

    Do you have questions about becoming a member? Not sure whether MAAT is for you, don't know what the next step is, or confused about what counts as work experience? Sign up to one of our webinar sessions below and get the answers you need.

    Sign up for the 12.30 webinar

    Sign up for the 17.30 webinar

    The webinar will cover:

    1. Benefits – why apply for MAAT

    2. How to apply for MAAT

    3. What counts as work experience

    4. After MAAT
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