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Hi all,

I completed AAT level 2 this year, but until last Thursday, I've not been able to get any work/work experience.

I've just started working for a small company and work on my own in an office with the boss. He's out most of the day everyday and I'm finding it almost impossible to grasp where to start :(

Even the most simple tasks I should know, I'm lost on. There is so much to do and I feel like I've never even done the course now :confused1:

My first of many questions is this:

On the bank statement, it shows that we have been paid VAT back from HMRC. What the hell do I do with this?

Go easy as my brain hurts already and it's only day 3 :thumbup1:

Thank you in advance


  • Whirlwind
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    First, don't panic!! We have all been there!!

    Are you using a accounting package like sage or quick books? Basically, I would enter it as a bank receipt with the nominal code for VAT, as it is a VAT refund.

    Make sense?
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