Failed Again - Well fed up

Denise Willett
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I can not tell you how fed up I am that I have just found out that I have failed my Budgeting exam, I came out feeling really good as well. Not sure what more I can do to be honest.

My manager at work has said he will fund me until I pass as he said he knows I know it and it seems to be just exam nerves.

Does not help being dyslexit as well.


  • nicd1981
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    ah Denise im sorry huni, its so horrible when you have failed!!

    ask your course provider for your feedback and find out where you didnt do well. it may just be one part thats letting you down and you can concentrate on this for your resit

    Find out where you failed and come back and we can offer you advice and support so your ready for the resit

    Nic xx
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  • uknitty
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    Sorry to hear that Denise.

    Do you know that you can apply for extra reading time in the exam if you are dyslexic ? I can't access the exam part of the AAT site at present so I can't find you a link - but there is information about applying for extra time on there.
  • Whirlwind
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    So sorry, but take heart ... your employer has faith in your ability!!

    I agree with nicd1981 the feedback report should show what needs more work, but don't give up. I find printing my acheivement report reminds me of how far I have come, gives me a boost when it all feels too much.
  • janwal
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    So sorry Denise........don't give up you will get there.
  • HLapper
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    Make sure there is nothing on your mind (sub consciously). When I was sitting my exams I went through all my exams without revision and passed them all... however I went through a terrible thing (personally). id pass all the practice exams and so on but then I’d sit in the exam and fail. I gave myself a few months to sort my head and life out, re-sat the exam and passed with flying colours. hope this comes in useful in some way. =) Good luck on the exam too!
  • sjf369
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    Hi Denise,

    Don't give up, I'm in a simlar boat to you. Ive failed FNST/BTX twice so far,passed budgeting and failed financial performance once (currently waiting resit results) and Ive got Personal Tax email on Wednesday.
    I now have to pay for the exams myself so Im hoping that I pass on the next round of resits but I'll keep going until I pass.
    I just keep telling myself it will be worth it in the end.
    Good Luck for the future.x:001_smile:
  • Chelle
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    Hi Denise

    I know exactly how you feel as Budgeting was the only one that I had any confidence with when I came out of the exam, yet I still failed it too and my feedback report showed I didn't meet just 2 parts.

    Don't give up x
  • Whirlwind
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    Hi Chelle,

    What did you get on the other 6 parts of the test? I desparately trying to see if there is a logic to the markings - may just be wasting my time but ..

    All the very best with future revising and sittings.
  • Chelle
    Chelle Registered Posts: 163 🎆 🐘 🎆
    Hi Whirlwind, my results were as follows :-


    1.3 Operating budget

    1.4 Breaking a budget into periods, Cash forecast


    1.1 Sources of data

    1.2 Production scheduling

    2.2 Budget flexing and calculating variances


    2.3 Variance analysis and reporting

    Did not meet

    1.5 Budget submission and performance indicators

    2.1 Budget revisions
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