A1 Help required with Unit 10


Any suggestions on the quickest way of completing the project? Does anyone have any pro-forma or template I could borrow?

Thanking you.



  • auntsarentgents
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    Do you have a project plan?
  • David Banner
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    I am considering the standard project offered as alternative to work based one, this route seems to be a lot less complicated. What do you think? Any recommendations would be appreciated.

  • totleyblade
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    I'm not sure about the standard project being less complicated but I chose a work based project myself. This was largely due to to my thoughts that if I'm going to spend this much time and effort on it, I might as well try to get something tangible out of it! It worked extremely well for me, my employer allowed me some time to work on it and, at the end of the day, I found my project interesting, (therefore a less onerous task to undertake), and its conclusions were very useful to myself and the company I work for.
  • Jo Clark
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    I'm not sure about the standard project being less complicated
    I agree, with the case study I have been presented with a 26 page document to read and digest about a company. Try to 'learn' about the company, the staff and how it operates. I decided to do the case study due to my job and that work based would not really be suitable/applicable.

    Good luck whatever you decide to go for.
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