On the verge....

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Of :crying:

Hi everyone,

So I got my business tax result back monday and failed!

It now means I have to re-sit financial performance and business tax next week. Plus i'm waiting for my financial statements result to come through.

I've passed budgeting, ICAS and personal tax so far. The college I sit my exams at have next week to pass your exams otherwise you miss graduation.

I'm on the verge of giving up, i'm quite strong minded but AAT isn't showing this at all it's come as a real shock to be honest. Anyone else out there who is in the same situation as me?

Cheers guys,


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    I finished AAT back in March and got my MAAT certificate back in April and as far as I'm concerned ICAS is the hardest thing.

    I managed to pass FP, FS and BT just by constantly reading the book and practising the questions; trust me, eventually it will all sink in if you build up the hours.

    It may be worth trying to do one exam at a time and only booking the exam when you're ready. Don't worry about graduating with everyone else, completing AAT a few months late (as opposed to giving up) is much more important. You can always finish it by distance learning.

    Honestly once you've done it you'll feel really relieved and satisfied.
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