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Hi there,

Does the MIP registration start from when you applied or when they grant it.
My friend has one which runs for 10 months only and she assumes it is because she qualified and then applied for the MIP, (not 100% sure of the gap between qualification and the MIP licnese). Was curious as to why 10 months


  • ademoore
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    I don't know the answer to this, but I would get your friend to call the MIP team and just inquire as to an explanation. They're very helpful.
  • Gillian
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    thanks for this,
    I think she is when she can get some time off, was just curious myself.
  • KatieR
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    I think it is because they only do renewals twice a year. My first license only ran for just over eight months. Once she renews it it should then last for a year and she will renew at the same time each year.
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