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I tried to renew my membership fees today as they are usually due 1st September and have now been told that I cant as my renewal date has been moved to my mip renewal date 1st March. Im confused as does this mean I will have to pay a year and halfs membership fees when I repay my mip. Can anyone let me know how this works and how much I should expect to pay. Thanks


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    No idea but AAT customer services are usually pretty helpful - I pester them about stuff regularly :D
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    My understanding is that the system works such that, for example:

    1) Member only - subscription for 2012: Due by/on 1st January 2012, paid by that date.

    2) MiP - fees due on 1st September 2012: Membership subscription for 2012 re-aligned to MiP renewal date, paid on that date.

    I don't know if this means that the membership subscription is merely collected in (partial) arrears or eight months membership is "given for free" and thereafter the membership subscription relates to the period 1st September to 31st August; I suppose the only time this would become an issue would be if MiP status was relinquished but membership retained.

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