Acknowledgement of a company tax return

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I filed two CT600 for a client and had received the acknowledgement for the short period, but not the longer one. Rang HMRC to ask if they could send one out to my client, only to be told that they are not sent out automatically, resources are short and he could send out a compliment slip with the amount and ref to the client.



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    Do you get an acknowledgement from your software? I file through PTP and as soon as it's gone through and been accepted I can print the receipt. I always then get an acknowledgement a lot later from HMRC with the CT reconciliation and the payslip on so they do send them out automatically.
  • Dottie
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    Yes, I received the usual software acknowledgement and I can see the amount due online. I just wanted confirmation to be sent too the client.

    Perhaps he was just having a bad day!
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    Dottie wrote: »
    they are not sent out automatically, resources are short

    That sounds fine to me. We get electronic confirmation of filing, both from HMRC and our software.

    If there's no tax to pay, there is no point in HMRC sending out anything in the post.

    However, if there is tax to pay, you'd like HMRC to send something to the client confirming how much they owe.

    Anything that reduces the amount of unnecessary paper HMRC send out is a good thing, to me.
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