After AAT - OU Accounting Courses?

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i admit this is a bit similar to my previous thread but i wondered what anyone thought of the OU Accounting courses below, whether they are a big step up from AAT.

Does anyone plan to do one after AAT/know someone who did one? Also are they well respected by employers or is it much more beneficial to choose between ACCA/ACA/CIMA for example?




  • SashaDella
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    From previous threads and advice from people on the forum it was advised that following the AAT another body ie ACCA are the most recognized and also you have exemptions for some of the exams already from the AAT!

    Once chartered with at least 3 years experience many many doors will be open for you
  • uknitty
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    You can get funding to study a degree whereas you can't get funding to study a professional accounts course such as ACCA.

    My other half is doing an OU degree and part time students get a student loan and in some areas of the country you get a grant to cover fees and some other learning related expenses. You'd have to speak to student finance, to find out exactly what assistance you could get, but it is much easier to fund a OU (or for that matter any other) degree that it is to fund chartered quals.

    There are a few other universities that offer online/virtual classroom accounts and finance degrees. If you are thinking of continuing your studies via self directed study it may be worth doing a wider search than just OU.
  • f12345
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    Hi Darron,

    I have been looking at doing the robert gordons uni distance learning course which looks better than the OU courses and also enables you to complete CIMA at the same time - that way you can still get degree funding and a degree qualification but also acheive further accountancy qualifications at the same time rather than having to choose between them.
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